Concordium for
Climate Action

Build a safer, more sustainable world on Concordium’s energy-efficient PoS blockchain.


Annualized CO2 emission per Concordium transaction


Annualized carbon footprint in tonnes of CO2
(the same as roughly six UK citizens)


Net carbon impact
since launch

We are committed to keeping the network carbon neutral by purchasing annual offsets and empowering our community with reliable tools and resources to help reduce their emissions.

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Concordium's Climate Commitment

Build integrity in the green transition with Concordium identity.

Concordium is building a safer digital world as a secure foundational layer for applications connecting environmentally-conscious leaders, technologists, scientists, responsible enterprises, and the Concordium community to develop new solutions that generate positive impact on the planet.

Green. Your green data is secured on a green, carbon neutral blockchain designed from the ground up with sustainability in mind.

Verified. Concordium´s identity layer is an accountable ecosystem that verifies the identity of issuers, contributors, auditors and more.

Safe. Built by the world’s leading scientists and cryptographers to support compliance and regulatory requirements to maintain the highest standards of credibility for projects.

Reach out to to start building a safer, more sustainable future on Concordium.


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