Concordium’s vision is to unlock the potential of blockchain

for the future economy.

Concordium is deeply rooted in science and brings to the world tech advancements on all levels of the protocol, resulting in a blockchain unmatched in cryptographic security and transaction speed.

Overview of science papers from 
the Concordium Blockchain Research Center Aarhus:


Bernardo David and Bernardo Magri and Christian Matt and Jesper Buus Nielsen and Daniel Tschudi

GearBox: An Efficient UC Sharded Ledger Leveraging the Safety-Liveness Dichotomy

Cryptology ePrint. Link to paper.

Ivan Damgaard, Chaya Ganesh, Hamidreza Khoshakhlagh, Claudio Orlandi, and Luisa Siniscalchi

Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Blockchain

Danil Annenkov, Mikkel Milo, Jakob Botsch Nielsen, Bas Spitters

Extracting Smart Contracts Tested and Verified in Coq

Accepted for CPP 2021. Abstract.

Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan, Adithya Bhat, Bernardo Magri, Daniel Tschudi, Aniket Kate

Reparo: Publicly Verifiable Layer to Repair Blockchains.

Accepted for “Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2021”. Link for paper.

Yashvanth Kondi, Bernardo Magri, Claudio Orlandi, Omer Shlomovit

Refresh When You Wake Up: Proactive Threshold Wallets with Offline Devices.

Yashvanth Kondi, Bernardo Magri, Claudio Orlandi, Omer Shlomovit

Refresh When You Wake Up: Proactive Threshold Wallets with Offline Devices.

Accepted IEEE S&P 2021.


Carlo Blundo, Stelvio Cimato, Luisa Siniscalchi

Managing Constraints in Role Based Access Control

Daniel Escudero, Satrajit Ghosh, Marcel Keller, Rahul Rachuri, Peter Scholl

Improved Primitives for MPC over Mixed Arithmetic-binary Circuits.

Jakob B. Nielsen, Bas Spitters

Smart Contract Interactions in Coq.

Daniel E. Lucani, Lars Nielsen, Claudio Orlandi, Elena Pagnin, Rasmus Vestergaard

Secure Generalized Deduplication via Multi-Key Revealing Encryption.

Thomas Dinsdale-Young, Bernardo Magri, Christian Matt, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Daniel Tschudi

Afgjort: A partially synchronous finality layer for blockchains

Suvradip Chakraborty, Stefan Dziembowski, Jesper Buus Nielsen

Reverse firewalls for actively secure mpcs.

Anders Dalskov, Claudio Orlandi, Marcel Keller, Kris Shrishak, Haya Shulman

Securing DNSSEC Keys via Threshold ECDSA from Generic MPC.

Diego F. Aranha, Felipe Rodrigues Novaes, Akira Takahashi, Mehdi Tibouchi, Yuval Yarom

LadderLeak: Breaking ECDSA With Less Than One Bit Of Nonce Leakage.

Accepted for DEFCON 28, WAC 2020, CCS 2020 and Black Hat Europe 2020 Link 

Jesper Buus Nielsen, Mark Simkin

Lower Bounds for Leakage-Resilient Secret Sharing.

Søren Eller Thomsen, Bas Spitters

Formalizing Nakamoto-Style Proof of Stake.

Cornell University, 23 July, 2020.Link

Chaya Ganesh and Claudio Orlandi and Daniel Tschudi and Aviv Zohar

Virtual ASICs: Generalized Proof-of-Stake Mining in Cryptocurrencies.

25 June 2020.Link

Benjamin S. Hvass, Diego F. Aranha, Bas Spitters

High-assurance field inversion for pairing-friendly primes.

Accepted for The Coq Workshop 2020 and FMBC 2020 Link 

Danil Annenkov, Mikkel Milo, Jakob Botsch Nielsen, Bas Spitters

Verifying, testing and running smart contracts in ConCert.

Accepted for The Coq Workshop 2020  Link

Giuseppe Ateniese, Bernardo Magri, Daniele Venturi

Subversion-resilient signatures: Definitions, constructions and applications.

Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 820, 8 June 2020, Pages 91-122. Link

Chaya Ganesh, Bernardo Magri, Daniele Venturi

Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls for Interactive Proof Systems.

Divesh Aggarwal, Maciej Obremski, João Ribeiro, Luisa Siniscalchi and Ivan Visconti

How to Extract Useful Randomness from Unreliable Sources.

Diego F. Aranha, Claudio Orlandi, Akira Takahashi and Greg Zaverucha

Security of Hedged Fiat–Shamir Signatures Under Fault Attacks.

Dominic Deuber, Nico Döttling, Bernardo Magri, Giulio Malavolta, Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan

Minting Mechanisms for Proof of Stake Blockchains.

Ivan Damgård, Hans Gersbach, Ueli Maurer, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Claudio Orlandi, Torben Pryds Pedersen

Concordium White Paper.

Simon Holmgaard Kamp, Bernardo Magri, Christian Matt, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Søren Eller Thomsen, Daniel Tschudi

Leveraging Weight Functions for Optimistic Responsiveness in Blockchains

Carsten Baum, Bernardo David, Rafel Dowsley, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Sabine Oechsner

CRAFT: Composable Randomness and Almost Fairness from Time.

Carsten Baum, Bernardo David, Rafael Dowsley, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Sabine Oechsner

Better Randomness Beacons and MPC with Financial Penalties from Time-Lock Puzzles.

Paper accepted for TPBC20.

Danil Annenkov, Jakob Botsch Nielsen, Bas Spitters

ConCert: A Smart Contract Certification Framework in Coq.

Paper accepted for CPP 2020 and TPBC 2020. Link


Dominic Deuber, Bernardo Magri and Sri Aravinda Krishan Thyagarajan:

Redactable Blockchain in the Permissionless Setting

IEEE S&P 2019




Riko Jacob, Kasper Green Larsen and Jesper Buus Nielsen:

Lower Bounds for Oblivious Data Structures

SIAM 2019


Thomas Dinsdale-Young, Bas Spitters, Søren Eller Thomsen and Daniel Tschudi:

WIP: Formalizing the Concordium Consensus Protocol in Coq

CoqPL ’19


Simon Gregersen, Søren Eller Thomsen and Aslan Askarov:

A Dependently Typed Library for Static Information-Flow Control in Idris

POST ’19


Prastudy Fauzi, Sarah Meiklejohn, Rebekah Mercer, Claudio Orlandi.

Quisquis: A New Design for Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

AsiaCrypt 2019


Chaya Ganesh, Claudio Orlandi, Daniel Tschudi:

Proof-of-Stake Protocols for Privacy-Aware Blockchains

EuroCrypt 2019


Ivan Damgård, Chaya Ganesh, Claudio Orlandi:

Proofs of Replicated Storage Without Timing Assumptions

Crypto 2019


Danil Annenkov and Bas Spitters:

Deep and Shallow Embeddings in Coq

Abstract accepted for TYPES19


Bernardo Magri, Christian Matt, Jesper Buus Nielsen and Daniel Tschudi:

Afgjort: A Partially Synchronous Finality Layer for Blockchains

Technical Report

 IACR ePrint.


Jakob Botsch Nielsen and Bas Spitters:

Smart Contract Interactions in Coq