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Business Development Director
Requirements :

Key Responsibilities

- Facilitate the business and technical conversation with clients in adopting

- Concordium blockchain technology.

- Demonstrate the value of Blockchain technology to both business and IT stakeholders, for example by identifying, supporting and showcasing best-in-class blockchain applications and smart contracts.

- Ensure Concordium is well known and its key attributes well understood within the business blockchain community.

- Participate in the awarding of development grants to further the appeal of the Concordium protocol.

Key Requirements

- Demonstrable experience in a software development and systems architecture role.

- Minimum 3 years’ experience/interest in blockchain technology.

- Ability to communicate blockchain use cases, benefits, mapping business problem statement with technology.

- Experience in solving or finding business needs through technology.

- Demonstrable knowledge and interest with public permissionless protocols for example Ethereum, Cardano, Solana and Polkadot.

- Being able to explain differences in enterprise blockchain products.

Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or related technical discipline.

Preferred Requirements

- Good understanding of the fundamentals of encryption, security, compliance, PKI, HSM.

- Past work experience in blockchain technology or distributed peer-to-peer systems.

- Experience with enterprise DLT protocols such as Hyperledger, Corda & Quorum.

How to apply?

Email your CV and a short cover letter “why me” to

Head of Operations
Aarhus, Denmark
Requirements :

As part of the Tech team in Denmark we are looking for a person to fill a new position as Head of Operations.

Concordium will launch our mainnet in Q2 2021 and will, as part of this, be hosting a number of nodes supporting our blockchain. To help manage these nodes we are looking for a “Head of Operations” who can organise the team and the tasks related to this and take part in the daily management and monitoring of these nodes.

The nodes will be running at different Cloud Service Providers around the world with strict requirements to their availability and security. We are therefore looking for a person who can help with, among other responsibilities:

- Handle the relation with the cloud service providers
- Ensure the required level of monitoring
- Handling incidents in a timely manner
- Organise work processes to ensure that nodes and services are managed according to the required security policy
- Organise and follow up on the tasks
- Handle external distribution of blockchain updates and tools
- Planning deployments with DevOps team
It is expected that the Head of Operations will also take part in the daily and recurring tasks related to the administration of our nodes.

As a Head of Operations you will also be responsible for taking part in and managing our devops activities.

We expect you to have a relevant IT education and experience within the mentioned areas of responsibility. It is a requirement that you have experience in managing servers at various Cloud Service Providers as well as handling agreements with the Cloud Service Providers.

We can offer a challenging job in an international environment with highly educated and skilled colleagues. Email your CV and a short cover letter “why me” to

Blockchain Product Manager
Requirements :

Would you like to play a key role in defining a leading edge, science-based blockchain?

Concordium is a software company developing blockchain-based solutions for enterprises. Deeply rooted in science Concordium works closely with the crypto groups at Aarhus University and ETH Zurich. It is the first blockchain with identification built into the protocol to meet regulatory requirements while delivering a user-friendly platform that can handle smart contracts.

As part of our expansion we are looking for a product manager to help define all parts of our blockchain. Areas of particular interest for this position include customer integration tools for building applications on the blockchain and tools for developing and using smart contracts.


As part of the product management team your responsibilities include

- Maintaining our product roadmap, including prioritisation of features in alignment with all stakeholders
- Specify requirements to new features
- Performing market analysis
- Architect end-to-end solutions for our customers using blockchain
- Help develop an overall blockchain ecosystem engagement strategy. Formulate and execute a strategy to drive adoption of the ecosystem.
- Conduct training sessions to transfer knowledge to customers
- Act as a technical liaison between customers, service engineering teams and support.


We expect that you have a deep blockchain understanding and we are looking for a person with most of the following qualifications

- Experience with executing most of the product management activities listed above

- Experience in writing smart contracts for blockchain frameworks (e.g., using one or more of the following: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum, and Corda)

- Experience with open source projects and communities


We are flexible in regards to where the potential candidate is based, however we will prefer locations in Europe

How to apply

Do you thrive in a team working in close collaboration with a highly skilled software development team and world-leading researchers at Aarhus University, Denmark and ETH Zurich? Are you interested in participating in a growing team that defines the key features for making our product successful?
Email your CV and a short cover letter “why me” to

Software Developer
Aarhus, Denmark
Requirements :

Our Tech team in Denmark works in close cooperation with leading scientists and researchers to implement the next-generation blockchain.

We are looking for developers with a master’s degree or PhD in computer science or a related area. The work will cover all aspects of the blockchain technology (including implementation of a smart contract language, cryptographic primitives and protocols, networking, consensus protocol, databases) using technologies such as Haskell and Rust. It is an advantage if you have experience with one of these or similar technologies.

We can offer a challenging job in an international environment with highly educated and skilled colleagues. Being part of the development team, you will be involved in all phases of the development life-cycle.

If you think this sounds interesting, please send your CV and a short cover letter “why me” to

Researchers Aarhus, Denmark/Zurich, Switzerland
Requirements :

Would you like to help design a science-based blockchain which is perpetually leading edge? Do you thrive in a science team working in close collaboration with internal and external world-leading researchers at Aarhus University, Denmark and ETH Zurich? We are looking for researchers with a PhD to do work on all research aspects of blockchain technology. You will also work closely with the Tech team in developing design documents, in scientific quality assurance, and as internal consultancy to the Tech team and Management team. We are looking to hire in both Aarhus, Denmark and in Zurich, Switzerland. The ideal candidate has a research background in one or more of: - Algorithmic game theory/ Mechanism design/Tokenomics.
- Anonymous Credentials.
- Cryptographic primitives
- Cryptographic Protocol Theory
- Distributed DataBase

- Distributed System
- Robust Peer to Peer Systems
- Secure Multiparty Computation
- Smart contract language design, analysis and verification Zero-knowledge protocols / zkSNARKs

However, candidates with other relevant research backgrounds are also very welcome to apply. Documented independent research is an advantage, e.g., a postdoc in a relevant field or work in R&D in industry.

An important part of the job is the close collaboration with the Tech team. You should, therefore, be interested in technology development and have an understanding and respect for programming and software development methodologies.

Experience with programming in for example Haskell and Rust is an advantage, but not a prerequisite. We offer a challenging job in an international environment with highly educated and skilled colleagues.

Being part of the Science team, you will be involved in both fundamental research and more applied R&D work.

As part of the job, you will be given the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the leading researchers in the field by attending conferences, surveying the state-of-the-art research, and do active research in the field.

If you think this sounds interesting, please send your CV and a short cover letter “why me” to

How to apply

To apply, email your CV and a short cover letter “why me” to

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