Bridging the gap between decentralized blockchain technology and real-world mainstream adoption for business. 

Concordium will deliver a multipurpose blockchain with a maturity level with respect to identification, safety, accountability, and usability, that will unleash the potential of blockchain for mainstream business.

The Concordium blockchain will include an innovative toolbox that makes developing use cases and decentralized applications fast and easy. The toolbox will include a novel smart contract programming language that is easy to learn and use for reliable smart contracts, resulting in improved productivity and reducing risks for coding errors and bugs.


Unleash the potential of blockchain

Any business today must allow for its transactions to be recorded and regulated. With our vision to unleash the potential of blockchain for business, Concordium has done away with anonymity in exchange for accountable privacy. Concordium’s built-in user identity at the protocol level supports regulatory compliance, allowing businesses to harness the power of blockchain technology in a way existing chains cannot facilitate.

As Concordium approaches the mainnet release, partnerships with industry and institutions will be announced.