The largest migration in the history of the world is happening

The Migration


Global GDP Off-chain


Global Economy on Concordium

The Migration

$95 Trillion

World Economy GDP 2022

$1.7 Trillion

Blockchain Global GDP by 2030

Are you ready?

To migrate global business to blockchain, enterprises need a trusted, public chain, with all the benefits of a private one. They need to know that the user on the other end is a real, verified person. That person also needs to have their ID private. This can only be done with ID framework giving both parties what they need. Concordium enables anyone holding CCD to stake it and earn rewards each time a transaction takes place providing enterprises a safe and secure network to do business.

Build on CCD

About Concordium

Concordium is a public-layer 1, science-backed blockchain, designed to balance privacy with accountability through its ID layer. The protocol level ID, ensures that every wallet is associated with a real-world identity that has been verified through a third party ID provider, so that people and companies can trust one another, while remaining private, with zero-knowledge-proof. With safe transactions, Concordium can unlock a global, multi-trillion-dollar economy, so bankers to regulators actually want to use blockchain. For DeFi degens, metaverse players, and gamers, we will all need to know who the other person is for blockchain to truly become global. It starts with trust, and with Concordium, this dream can actually become reality. We believe that making ID credentials available to smart contracts, whilst preserving privacy, is key to the mass migration of web2 to web3 and beyond. Our native coin, CCD, is available for purchase here, and is used for paying transaction fees, staking, rewards for node operators, and as a collateral/settlement medium for Concordium’s DeFi landscape. With leadership from Volvo, IKEA, Credit Suisse, and 52M EUR raised to date, the team are now scaling the chain to their extensive network of the world's biggest enterprises.

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Why Concordium?

Let our blockchain visionary Lars Seier Christensen explain

See what people are developing on Concordium

Talented devs and exceptional projects are creating trusted metaverses, NFT projects, and much more using the encrypted ID unique to Concordium.

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Ready to enter web3?

Capture your audience in a $222+ billion industry where 3 billion people play online globally.

Be a first-mover and give your customers virtual experiences in this new, multi-trillion dollar economy.

Non-fungible-tokens are more than just digital, collectible art. Discover how you can utilize the new NFT craze by building incredible utility with them on Concordium.

Offers your customers financial instruments without relying on centralized intermediaries by using smart contracts on blockchain.

Concordium has created a lab focused on developing regulated DeFi products for out-of-the-box developer tools and investment to support the interests of enterprise and institutional stakeholders.

Authenticate, register, claim IP through trust services to ensure, stamp, and authorize documents, accounts and ownership.



In progress

eSealing demo app
Sponsored transactions (minting template)
ConcordiumBFT, consensus upgrade
CIS-3 standard (sponsoring transaction)
Custom smart contract indexes
Run a local chain with one click


Smart Contract Reference implementations
Additional Smart Contract language
Additional key management features
State proofs to improve node queries and restarts
Configurable consensus
Reward mechanism update
Randomness for Smart Contracts
Sharding, finality-as-a-service


In progress

Ethereum token bridge (External)
ConcorDEX (External)
Launchpad (External)
Node infrastructure platform


Oracle service
Multichain Bridge
NFT bridge
Automated back end infrastructure for dApp development
Regulatory and Compliance assets

Developer tools

In progress

VSCode extension
SDKs with gRPC v2 support, Java, Go, .net
Smart Contract Framework
Soulbound token template contract
Wallet SDK
Carbon credit trading module for Agora
Web3 ID™ dApp framework


Browser-based smart contract development environment
Smart Contract compilers
Concordium Blockchain Indexer
Workbench integrations
Asset store and developer portal upgrade

Concordium Wallets

In progress

IDentity 2.0 (Android)
CIS-2 token support (Android)
Support for Walletconnect
Hardware wallet support in browser wallet
Baking/delegation in browser wallet
Concordium App in Ledger Live Manager


White Label wallet (browser and mobile)
Hardware wallet support in mobile wallets
CNS domain name support
Web3 ID™
New address book
Fiat amounts
Improved privacy management features
Anonymous transfers with accountability
Additional Key management features
Deep integration to bridges and brokers


In progress

Social Media account verification
National eID onboarding (DK, SE, FI)
ID proof language update


Additional national eID support
Enterprise ID support
Self-sovereign digital identity with verified credentials
Multi-chain Digital Identity support
Full compatibility with eIDAS


In progress

CIS2 token visualisation
Smart Contract Portal (Basic Version)
Updated node network dashboard
Testnet faucet
Increase transparency of circulating supply 


SC Portal Upgrade, write capability
Staking / delegation analytics upgrade
Network and node upgrade
Open API endpoints for developers
Advanced analytics
Transaction monitoring as a service
Private portal features


In progress

Decentralisation framework update
Update to White Paper v1.6


Tools for decentralisation
Decentralised product governance contributions

Network Comparison

eth eth eth eth eth



PoW, PoS is coming




ID Framework

Time to finality

Average 11 seconds


Average 13 seconds


Up to 60 seconds

Smart Contracts

Average transaction fee**

$0.01 Stable/pegged to Euro

Not stable/pegged to value of chain token

Not stable/pegged to value of chain token

Not stable/pegged to value of chain token

Not stable/pegged to value of chain token


In Development


*Solana’s TPS can be misleading — it counts internal consensus messages as transactions, which no other blockchain does. Roughly 80% of Solana’s throughput is consensus messages. Source:

** Average fee for a simple transaction

*** before sharding

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